• Mentoring

    E-YUVA Centre provides mentorship to the BIRAC Innovation fellows who have knowledge, technical and business expertise in the industry for a considerable period of time and they shall assist the fellows relevant to their proposed project.

  • Infrastructural Support

    E-YUVA Centre provides the BIRAC Innovation fellows with excellent office and Laboratory Space to carry out their research at a pilot scale.

  • Business Support

    E-YUVA Centre supports the BIRAC Innovation fellows in areas of legal and accounting. IPR services such as patent mapping and patent applications are also provided to the BIRAC Innovation fellows

  • Networking

    A vast network of researchers, faculty, businessmen, industrialists, venture capitalists, governmental agencies and other service providers can be tapped into via E-YUVA Centre.

  • Funding

    Initial funding will be provided to the BIRAC Innovation fellows for support of their research work. Furthermore, for establishing the business, BIRAC Innovation fellows can get access from Venture Capitalist and other Government bodies

  • Training and Workshop

    Specialized training in the form of workshop to boost the technical and entrepreneurial skill of the BIRAC Innovation fellows will be conducted by E-YUVA Centre. This is not purely limited to incubatee but also to students who are enthusiastic to increase their business skill.

  • Consulting

    E-YUVA Centre aims to provide consulting services for market survey, technology development, technology validation and allied disciplines as required by the BIRAC Innovation fellows